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T H O M A S   en   E m m i l y


A couple of months before the wedding I heard that Emmily had a short dress. The curiosity was big until the weddingday that I could finally see how it looked like.

And what a perfect choice! Elegant, sweet and lively at the same time.

Thomas was full of elegance too. His costume was chic and had an extra touch. Their names and the weddingdate were sewn in the suit jacket.

They were stunning and both shining all day long!

Thomas is someone who wants that everything is well organized and that was undoubtedly for their wedding. That's such a great quality.

He told me that he didn't like to be on pictures because he don't know who to react or respons when there is a lens on his face. Well, I can tell you... In the evening of their weddingday I asked Emmily and Thomas if they were interested in some more pictures of them alone and Thomas said: "Yeah! Sure! I liked it a lot! Let's take some extra photos." Jihaa!

Emmily likes to make fun and laughs a lot. I know her not so long. We first met on a summercamp for teenagers where we both were leaders. Every day she was singing and making fun with the teenagers and other leaders! What a joy to know her!
She enjoyed every single moment without any big stressmoments. (So far I could see...)

The day was to short as always, but it was a day never to forget.

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