T H i b a u d   en   l a r a


Seven years as girlfriend and boyfriend. Perfectly together.  Now as man and wife further on. Amazing!
Every day learning what's most important in a relationship: understand and love eachother. That's what Lara and Thibaud are trying to do every single day.
I saw a couple who wants to connect and invest in friends.  Listening, sharing love and giving a jolly good party!

The location was so beautiful! Lara decorated everything with so much care. Her creativity was shining bright like a diamond in  all decorations.

Thanks Thibaud and Lara for letting me be part of your wedding.

I enjoyed being a witness of Your Day. The 22th of September will always be Thibaud-and-Lara-day.

Vera Iris Hartman  -  Mechelen, Belgium  -  

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