R u b e n   en   l y d i a


One word: adventure. They succeed (every time) to create their own adventures. Just because of who they are. I know no other couple who was stuck in a locker in Brussel-Central station because they want to try if it was possible to fit in... An anecdote that Ruben told during his promises to Lydia. Restrained breaths, open mouths and big eyes were staring at Ruben. With a big laughter when he told that it luckily just had a child lock and after a couple minutes the door opened again.

And it's not only just being stuck in a locker that made this couple adventurous. Both they love to travel so they decided to go on a honeymoon for six months. First to Portugal and 40 days Europe. After that they will take a flight from Athene to Singapore. To seek for pure Asia.

I am looking forward to all of their stories together.

Vera Iris Hartman  -  Mechelen, Belgium  -  

© 2020 by Vera Hartman

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