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J O H A N N E S   en   Y E N T L


The day started in a house full of sunshine. A house full of positivity and love. It was if you can feel it from miles away.

A sunbeam through a small window makes - as the icing on the cake - everything gold... Precious people who love their homes and families. And... Above all this: God. That's what I saw with Johannes and his family and the same for Yentl and her family.

They let me be part of this splendid day! (Side note: Not only sun inside the house... Certainly outside too. A hot april-day!)

The meeting between Johannes and Yentl was like a fairytale... In a green field under the Kempen-trees they met each other with balloons. A moment for them alone. With the family and friends watching their backs.

I loved this day. Thank you, Johannes & Yentl! You two are amazing.

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