J E N S   en   T H A L I A


Two personalities who fits perfect together. Vivid Thalia, always in for fun, dancing and making her own magic. The number four has a special meaning to them. "Because everything is four." Thalia said. Why? "When you have for instance number seven, it counts 5 letters, but five, counts 4 letters. Try with the number eight..."

Happy Jens, who can listen very carefully to Thalia with two blue sparkling eyes.

They met at a campfire with friends. There was that magic. 

Both with big hearts: taking care for others and seeing others needs. Try to love everybody. Giving their smiles to the world. That's Thalia and Jens.

As I told, Thalia is always in for dancing, and Jens the same. They rocked the shoot with their dancemoves and spontaneity.

They made a marvelous day for their history together.

Vera Iris Hartman  -  Mechelen, Belgium  -  

© 2020 by Vera Hartman

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