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G E E R t   EN   J U D I T H


Since my childhood I've known Judith. She is a lovely lady with a big heart, always ready to serve other people.

She and Geert share a love for nature.


When they told me that they were getting married next July I immediately became enthusiastic. ​I wondered if they already had a photographer but they told me that they hadn't found one yet...

From that moment on I knew what I wanted to give my dear friends as their present: being a photographer at their wedding day. ​


The night before the wedding I stayed with Judith and Marianne (Judith's sister) in the same room to wake-up early and seize the day.


Let me "tell" you how this day began... ​


Thank you, my dear friends Judith and Geert, for letting me be part of your day! It was awesome.

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