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B E R T U S   EN   A N N E L I E N


Early in the morning my brother, Erik Hartman (videographer) and I drove to 'De Kempen' in Belgium. We were very excited to start this beautiful day!

The weather forecast predicted a lot of rain for that day. But we knew that it wouldn't rain when we would be outside, making pictures. ​


In the morning Erik filmed at Bertus' place, while I followed Annelien everywhere. When I arrived at the 'Opdekamps' house, Annelien stepped out of the frontdoor. Coming from the house was a sound of people chatting, laughing and singing. I overheard Annelien asking someone: "Are you coming to the hairdresser or are you going later, when I am back?" Luckily, I was right in time to tag along with Annelien, her younger sister and her maid of honor to the hairdresser. ​

After those quiet and peaceful moments, we came back to a house full of family. Almost all the brothers and sisters of Bertus were preparing themselves for the wedding. ​


It was an adventurous day with the Land Rover. The car could handle everything: mud, branches, fields with high grass, water, ...

When I asked Bertus: "You're sure we are allowed to go there with a car?" Bertus said: "I don't know. But I'm just going to do it. It's my wedding day and maybe the only opportunity in my whole life! Haha!" And so he stepped out of the car, opened the barrier and drove on a small marshy road. We passed a forest and ended up in a field.

I think he always dreamed about riding everywhere with a car like that. He had to stay true to the little boy inside of him. Annelien smiled while saying: "O, you just love driving this car too much." ​


The whole wedding took place outside... It was very romantic and picturesque.


Annelien and Bertus, I enjoyed this natural and beautiful day! We had a lot of fun! I wish you a save 'drive'. God bless you!

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